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Villa Diva-D System

DIVA-D is the new digital acquisition system from Villa Sistemi Medicali, designed to offer the highest performance in Radiographic/Fluoroscopic and Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) applications. DIVA-D has been designed with the aim to maximize the integration with Villa tables and generators to ensure the best image quality with minimum effort in every condition. 


DIVA-D is available in two versions to comply with all your needs:

  • DIVA-D RF-12 with an acquisition speed of up to 12 frames/sec 1K x 1K is the best solution for Gastro-Intestinal, Urological and ERCP applications.


  • DIVA-D AS-25 features an acquisition speed of up to 25 frames/sec 1Kx1K and includes a Digital Subtraction Angiography package. This model is also equipped with Road-Mapping function and, if matched with the Apollo Remote Controlled Table, with an optional Stepping Angio package optimized for Peripheral Angiography.

All models operate in fluoroscopy at 25 frames/sec with 1024x1024 matrix, also in pulsed fluoro mode.

Key Features:


  • Dedicated programs for each application, including Digital Tomography

  • Fully automatic zero point technique allows for fine tuning of the system for each exam

  • Option to choose the region of interest for the exposure parameters adjustment


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