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Delworks E-Series DR System

The DELWORKS E-Series DR System delivers exceptional diagnostic imaging through the use of Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillators, Auto Exposure Detection(AED) technology and its powerful image acquisition software. The DELWORKS workstation features a hassle-free, single console workflow designed to simplify every step of the examination procedure. This system's large LED touch screen display allows the user to experience fast image preview times, advanced image enhancement options and generator control options. The system can include the optional Image Stitching application which requires no additional equipment making full spine studies effortless and accurate. 

Key Features


  • Light-weight 10.1" touch screen tablet 

  • Compatible with DELWORKS E-Series wireless detectors

  • Up to 8 hours of complete system battery life

  • User selection of modified Look-Up Table (LUT) based on various exam types

  • Manual adjustment of LUT, window an level

Technical Specifications:                   Brochure:

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